Thursday, 27th of January 2022, 12:00 – 1:00

Results from MIDSISE project: analysis of security curricula and industrial needs with NLP

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Irdin Pekaric, Researcher at QE


Given the ongoing "arms race" in cybersecurity, the shortage of skilled professionals in this field is one of the strongest in computer science. The currently unmet staffing demand in cybersecurity is estimated at over three million jobs worldwide. Furthermore, the qualifications of the existing workforce are largely believed to be insufficient. We attempt to gain detailed insights into the nature of the current skill gap in cybersecurity. To this end, we correlate data from job ads and academic curricula using two kinds of skill characterizations: manual definitions from established skill frameworks and "skill topics" that are automatically derived by text mining tools. Our analysis shows a strong agreement between these two analysis techniques and reveals a substantial undersupply of non-technical cybersecurity skills such as compliance, management, and certification. Based on the results obtained with the new analysis techniques, we provide recommendations on curricula development in cybersecurity to decrease the identified skill gaps.


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