Thursday, 10th of June 2021, 12:00 – 1:00

CodeAbility Austria: Digitally Supported Programming Education at Austrian Universities

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Michael Breu
Researcher at QE, University of Innsbruck


Teaching programming at universities is currently undergoing a major transition from traditional “paper-based” problem statements and manual corrections to a supportive integrated solution infrastructure. Such an infrastructure provides support for students to solve their assignments, provide automated feedback for exercise submission, and relieve teachers to focus on fine grain feedback to the solutions.

In the project “CodeAbility Austria” seven Austrian Universities collaborate to bring programming education to the next level. This comprises several aspects, as e.g. the piloting of a common programming learning platform, the development of “standard” course templates for teaching various programming languages (Python, Java, …), and a sharing platform for teaching materials. The project is accompanied by empirical research and cooperations with partner projects within the digitalization initiative of the Federal Ministry of Science, Education and Research.

In this talk we want to give an insight into the current state of CodeAbility and enable other teachers to appraise the results for their own teaching.


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