Thursday, 27th of May 2021, 12:00 – 1:00

An elephant, a baby and a ballerina visit a computer vision lab....

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John K. Tsotsos
York University, Toronto, Canada


What would be the impact of a visit to a computer vision lab by an elephant, a baby and a ballerina?
No, this is not the opening line for a joke. I will describe these three visits, none of which were physical ones, but all represent real events that made large contributions to the lab's research program. The elephant provided a demonstration of one of the theoretical foundations of the Selective Tuning model of visual attention. The baby helped consolidate our position on machine learning. This position is novel and our work is only just beginning, but our approach is far-better grounded in human learning than any other approach. The ballerina highlighted our lab's focus on active perception with a nice demonstration of how  humans are active perceivers in a 3D world. This differs in very important ways from the passive, pixel-centric, 2D focus of the vast majority of current work. Active perception is complex and requires radical changes to empirical methodologies. As time permits, I will detail work that illustrates some of these concepts.

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