Thursday, 16th of January 2020, 12:00 – 1:00

Politeness Counts: Perceptions of Peacekeeping Robots

SR1, ICT Building,
Technikerstraße 21a, 6020 Innsbruck

Ohad Inbar


The 'intuitive' trust people feel when encountering robots in public spaces is a key determinant of their willingness to cooperate with these robots. We conducted four experiments to study this topic in the context of peacekeeping robots. Participants viewed scenarios, presented as static images and animations, involving a robot or a human guard performing an access-control task. The guards interacted with younger and older male and female civilians, applying polite or impolite behavior. Our results show strong effects of the robot's behaviour, specifically its politeness. Age and gender of the people interacting with the robot had no significant effect on participants' impressions of the robot's attributes. There were also no differences between responses to robot and human guards. This study advances the notion that politeness is a crucial determinant of people's perception of peacekeeping robots.    

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