GMAR Robotics Summer School 2021
August 23-27, Innsbruck, Austria


Location: Villa Blanka 

The 2021 GMAR Robotics Summer School on Mobile Manipulation invites experienced Master students and doctoral students in subject areas related to robotics (engineering, computer science, etc.). Organized by the University of Innsbruck, its Department of Computer Science and the GMAR Robotics chapter, this 5-day workshop will take place at Villa Blanka, beautifully situated with picturesque views over Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains.

To participate, please use this link to register.

Organization and Content:

  • Lectures and exercises on core topics of mobile manipulation
  • Hands-on implementation of practical algorithms on real robots
  • Work in small, collaborative, complementary teams
  • Visits to Forum Alpbach and local industry


  • Matteo Saveriano
  • Justus Piater
  • Haller-Seeber


  • Prof. Andreas Müller, JKU Linz
  • Prof. Wolfgang Werth, FH Kärnten
  • Prof. Justus Piater, Universität Innsbruck
  • Dr. Mathias Brandstötter, Joanneum Research
  • Prof. Gerald Steinbauer, TU Graz
  • … and others


 Sessions  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Morning I Mechatronics of mobile manipulators (Peter Manzl and Martin Siegfried Sereinig) Robot Vision (Jean-Baptiste Weibel)
Visual Servoing (Antonio Paolillo) Industry event + Robotics talks event in Alpbach. Departure at 8.30am, return 15.30pm
Task Planning (Gerald Steinbauer)
 Morning II Kinematics (Andreas Müller)
Picking and Placing (Justus Piater)
Hacking: Visual Servoing for Pick and Place   Hacking: Task Planning
 Afternoon I Dynamics, Control (Wolfgang Werth)
Human-Robot Interaction and Safety Aspects (Mathias Brandstötter) Introduction to ROS Navigation Stack (Matteo Saveriano)
Hacking: Team competition
 Afternoon II Hacking: Set-up the robots Hacking: Path/Motion Planning in ROS  Hacking: Navigation in ROS    
 Dinner on site on site on site in town -
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