The research group „Interactive Graphics and Simulation“ would like to invite you to the talk of


Gabor Fichtinger


Perk Tutor - An Open-Source Platform for Ultrasound-Guided Intervention Training

Date: Monday, 3rd of December, 2018, 1-2pm
Place: Seminar room 1, ground floor, ICT building


Ultrasound-guided interventions are becoming commonplace in modern medical diagnosis and therapy. To ensure that the next generations of physicians are competent using this technology, efficient and effective educational programs need to be developed.

This talk presents the Perk Tutor: a configurable, open-source training platform for ultrasound-guided interventions and procedures. Perk Tutor provides procedural guidance and immediate quantitative and transparent feedback on progress towards specified learning objectives. The Perk Tutor was successfully  introduced to multiple training applications, such as lumbar puncture, central venous catheter placement, focused assessment with sonography in trauma, to demonstrate its adaptability to different procedures. Different applications were implemented through straightforward re-arrangement of hardware and software components, attesting to the modularity and ease of configuration. Perk Tutor is provided as a free resource to enable research and development of educational programs, it is available from


Gabor Fichtinger received the doctoral degree in computer science from the Technical University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, in 1990. He is a Professor in the School of Computing, with cross appointments in the departments of Mechanical and Material Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Surgery and Pathology, at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, where he directs the Percutaneous Surgery Laboratory. His research specializes on medical imaging and computer-assisted medical interventions, for cancer diagnosis, therapy and training.

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