1. Files & Directories
  2. Compilation
  3. Dependencies


Files & Directories

Following files are included in the distribution:

  • COPYING: The GNU GPL license.
  • COPYING.LESSER: The GNU LGPL license (based on the GPL).
  • Makefile: GNU make build rules for CeTA.
  • README: This file.
  • generated: Contains all source files that have been automatically extracted from IsaFoR (for Haskell).
  • src: Contains sources that are not automatically generated.
  • examples: 100Contains example problems and proofs.
  • xml: Contains all XML related files.



In order to compile CeTA you need:

* GHC (the Haskell compiler)

To build CeTA on your own, just type


This will create the binary 'ceta.' To test the binary on some proofs, use

make test

To manually call ceta use something like

./ceta examples/div.proof.xml

If you want to generate the CeTA sources from the IsaFoR formalization, you need mercurial (hg). Download the IsaFoR mercurial repository via

hg clone -r v2.37

and follow the instructions in the accompanying README or README_devel file.



IsaFoR: v2.37
Isabelle: Isabelle-2019
AFP: afp-2019-06-11

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