Modular Complexity Analysis for Term Rewriting

Harald Zankl and Martin Korp

Logical Methods in Computer Science 10(1:19), pp. 1 – 33, 2014.


All current investigations to analyze the derivational complexity of term rewrite systems are based on a single termination method, possibly preceded by transformations. However, the exclusive use of direct criteria is problematic due to their restricted power. To overcome this limitation the article introduces a modular framework which allows to infer (polynomial) upper bounds on the complexity of term rewrite systems by combining different criteria. Since the fundamental idea is based on relative rewriting, we study how matrix interpretations and match-bounds can be used and extended to measure complexity for relative rewriting, respectively. The modular framework is proved strictly more powerful than the conventional setting. Furthermore, the results have been implemented and experiments show significant gains in power.


  PDF |    doi:10.2168/LMCS-10(1:19)2014  |  © Creative Commons License – ND


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