Loops under Strategies … Continued

René Thiemann, Christian Sternagel, Jürgen Giesl, and Peter Schneider-Kamp

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Strategies in Rewriting, Proving, and Programming (IWS 2010), Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 44, pp. 51 – 65, 2010.


While there are many approaches for automatically proving termination of term rewrite systems, up to now there exist only few techniques to disprove their termination automatically. Almost all of these techniques try to find loops, where the existence of a loop implies non-termination of the rewrite system. However, most programming languages use specific evaluation strategies, whereas loop detection techniques usually do not take strategies into account. So even if a rewrite system has a loop, it may still be terminating under certain strategies.

Therefore, our goal is to develop decision procedures which can determine whether a given loop is also a loop under the respective evaluation strategy. In earlier work, such procedures were presented for the strategies of innermost, outermost, and context-sensitive evaluation. In the current paper, we build upon this work and develop such decision procedures for important
strategies like leftmost-innermost, leftmost-outermost, (max-)parallel-innermost, (max-)parallel-outermost, and forbidden patterns (which generalize innermost, outermost, and context-sensitive strategies). In this way, we obtain the first approach to disprove termination under these strategies automatically.


  PDF |    doi:10.4204/EPTCS.44.4


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