Structural and Computational Proof Theory

This is a joint project between Austria and France represented by the following institutions:

The project is about bringing together different aspects and developments in structural proof theory, namely deep inference, the Curry-Howard correspondence, term rewriting, and Hilbert’s epsilon calculus.


The project is coordinated by

  • Georg Moser (coordinator Austria)
  • Matthias Baaz
  • Michel Parigot (coordinator France)
  • Lutz Straßburger

The node Innsbruck consists of

  • Martin Avanzini
  • Georg Moser
  • Stéphane Gimenez
  • Michael Schaper



Project related publications from Innsbruck can be found below. For publications of the Vienna node, kindly see the website of the Computational Logic group at the Vienna University of Technology.
Further information on the project, in particular on the French project partners can be found at the STRUCTURAL page at LIX.

FWF “Joint Project” project number

I-603 N18


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