Verified Analysis of Random Binary Tree Structures


This work is a case study of the formal verification and complexity ana- lysis of some famous probabilistic algorithms and data structures in the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL. In particular, we consider the expected number of comparisons in ran- domised quicksort, the relationship between randomised quicksort and average-case deterministic quicksort, the expected shape of an unbalanced random Binary Search Tree, the randomised binary search trees described by Martínez and Roura, and the expected shape of a randomised treap. The last three have, to our knowledge, not been analysed using a theorem prover before and the last one is of particular interest because it involves continuous distributions.of the decision procedure for the first-order theory for a decidable class of rewrite systems. Besides its applications in research, this software pool has also proved invaluable for teaching, e.g., in multiple editions of the International Summer School on Rewriting.

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