Endowed Professorship

Ingeborg Hochmair - Endowed Professorship for Women:

At the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck women comprise 53% of the students and account for 56% of the degrees. 44% of the staff are women, 38% of the scientific staff. Women currently hold 20% of professorships. In order to promote excellent female scientists, the University of Innsbruck since 2016 has been offering five years fixed term Ingeborg Hochmair women's professorships.

With the Ingeborg Hochmair Programme the University of Innsbruck aims to promote the chances of highly qualified female scientists to be appointed to universities in Austria or abroad. Highly qualified female researchers with an employment relationship to the University of Innsbruck who come from departments where the gender ratio is not yet balanced are invited to apply. The selection procedure follows international standards, so that the best qualified candidates are selected regardless of their field. The programme is financially supported by MED-EL Elektromedizinische Geräte GmbH.

Pioneer und Role Model

Ingeborg Hochmair
Ingeborg Hochmair (Foto: MED-EL)

Ingeborg Hochmair is considered by international experts to be a pioneer in the field of hearing implants. Her enthusiasm and great commitment have made it possible for electronics to replace a human sensory organ in its entirety for the first time. With a cochlear implant, people with severe hearing loss regain natural hearing. Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from this technology developed in Austria in recent years.
As a researcher and successful entrepreneur, Ingeborg Hochmair is today a role model for women who are committed to science and technology and who are looking for equally impressive careers. Hochmair has received numerous international awards for her outstanding achievements, including the renowned Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award and the Russ Prize of the National Academy of Engineering. The University of Innsbruck appointed Ingeborg Hochmair honorary senator in 2013.

Researcher and Businesswoman

Ingeborg Hochmair studied medicine and electrical engineering and soon focused her research on the goal of overcoming hearing loss with implantable medical technology. At the University of Innsbruck, she initially taught as a scientific Assistant and later guest professor. At the same time, in the medical technology company MED-EL, which she co-founded, she was involved in the development and manufacture of hearing implants that restore hearing through electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. Today, MED-EL is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical devices for the treatment of various types of hearing loss and employs more than 1,500 people worldwide.

With the Erika Cremer habilitation programme, the University of Innsbruck has had a programme since 2009 to specifically promote women's scientific careers. Named after the physical chemist Erika Cremer, this programme offers highly qualified female scientists from all disciplines the opportunity to complete their habilitation project.




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