Maga. Livia Jesacher-Rößler, PhDLivia J.R. Profilbild


Institut für LehrerInnenbildung und Schulforschung
Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck
Fürstenweg 176, A-6020 Innsbruck (Raum 32, 2. Stock)
   [+43] 0512 507-44417





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 Livia A. J. Jesacher-Roessler is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Innsbruck at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research. Her main skills are in educational innovation and change with a particular focus on educational leadership, school improvement and area/district school reforms. In current projects (Modellregion Bildung Zillertal), she researches success factors for a comprehensive school as well as studying supportive role structures for school improvement in rural areas. She also works for the National Center for Learning Schools, where her main interests lie in school research and educational system reforms. Furthermore, she is co-leader of the German-speaking Innovative Learning Environment Network (ILE) and co-leader of the division School Research and School Development of the Austrian Association for Educational Research (ÖFEB).



  • School improvement and development research
  • Educational leadership 
  • Organizational studies 
  • Educational system research


  • Research on professional learning networks (in cooperation with members from the ICSEI-PLN network:


  • Research on the background and program logic of the initiative "securing basic competences" (GRUKO) ; in cooperation with Johannes-Kepler-Univrsity Linz, Teacher Training College Oberösterreich and Teacher Training College Kärnten

( )


  • Research on COVID-19 and its effects on school development and school leaders; in cooperation with Esther Dominique Klein, Nina Bremm (Teacher Training College Zurich, CH); Kathrin Rachemäumer (University of Siegen, GER)


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