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Ann Kathrin Dittrich

Position: PhD student, Department staff

E-Mail: Ann-Kathrin.Dittrich[at]uibk.ac.at

Phone: +43/ (0) 512 507 - 4671

Ann-Kathrin Dittrich is a university assistant and researcher at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) at the University Innsbruck. Furthermore she is a qualified teacher in the subjects spanish and geogprahy. Her professional interest is in Teacher Education, with the focus on effective teaching and learning in school contexts. Within the scope of her PhD she is working on the core theme, pedagogical knowledge to explore its importance and how teachers translatevtheir pedagogical knowledge into practice and the impact this has on their teaching.


Christian Kraler

Position: Professor, Head of Research Group

E-Mail: Christian.Kraler[at]uibk.ac.at

Phone: +43/ (0) 512 507 - 4657

Dr. Christian Kraler is Professor at the Institute of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Innsbruck, Austria and head of the research group on teacher education and learning. As the former head and present vice head of department he is responsible for the development and implementation of the new BA/MA curriculum in initial teacher education (foundational knowledge in education-related aspects and practice at classroom teaching), for inter-/national research strategies and activities of the department, and the PhD program. He was and is member of the editorial boards of several journals and permanent referee for research organizations. His main interests are in the micro and macro dynamics of (initial) teacher education and structural-systemic models of the interdisciplinary development of educational systems. He also focuses on visual thinking strategies (VTS), the influence of visual aspects on education, resonance phenomena in learning processes, philosophical principles of learning and on mathematics education. Christian Kraler also publishes in the field of bio-statistics (personalized complementary medicine). He has taught at different departments (mathematics, computer science, philosophy, marketing and retailing, teacher education and school research) at different universities (Innsbruck, Bern, Vienna). His main research projects are in (initial) teacher education, interdisciplinary development of educational systems and mathematics education.


Silvia Krenn

Position: Postdoc and Senior Lecturer, Department staff

E-Mail: silvia.krenn[at]uibk.ac.at

Phone:+43/ (0) 512 507 - 46661

Silvia Krenn works as a senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) at the University Innsbruck. Furthermore she is a qualified and experienced teacher in the subjects german and geography. Later she worked extensively in teacher education at the Pedagogical University Tyrol, Innsbruck and was Head of Department of School Development and Quality Management at the Pedagogical University of Tyrol. She is also professional trainer of mediation and system design, social competences at schools, facilitator (Dialogbegleitung), mediator (eingetragene Mediatorin nach Ziv.RGesetz) and counseller for school development. Her professional interest is in learning and school development Within the scope of her PhD she worked on learning experiences and the phenomenon "to be seized" in secondary schools.


Fiona Mac Kay

Position: PhD student, Department staff

E-Mail: Fiona.Mac-Kay[at]uibk.ac.at

Phone: +43 (0)512 507 - 4656

Fiona MacKay-Falls is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Innsbruck. She is also a qualified educational psychologist with extensive knowledge and professional experience working across education systems and organisations, at both local and international level. She has been involved in a wide range of research projects for local authorities and the Scottish government and has experience of working in international projects specifically related to teacher education. Her other professional interests include working closely with schools to bridge theory and practice in areas such as educational diagnostics and the development of evidence-informed interventions to support effective learning and teaching. Her current research interest and focus of her PhD is to explore how we educate student teachers and provide them with the pedagogical knowledge required to meet the diverse challenges in Austrian schools.


Vasileios Symeoidis

Position: PhD student, EDiTE fellow

E-Mail: Vasileios.Symeoidis[at]uibk.ac.at

Phone: +43 (0)512 507 - 4652

Vasileios Symeonidis is a researcher in the European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) project at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) at the University of Innsbruck. He holds a M.Sc. in international and comparative education from Stockholm University and a degree in primary school education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has worked as a research assistant in the Education Internationalís Research Unit and undertook a traineeship at the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Cedefop. He has also worked as a school teacher in international school environments in Greece and Sweden, and as the project coordinator of the Future Schools Project for eduACT, an NGO based in Greece. His main research interests include international and comparative education, European and global trends in teacher education, teacher policy and practice, critical pedagogy, and global citizenship education.