Teacher Education Research Group

Institute of Teacher Education and School Research


The Institute of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS, School of Education), University of Innsbruck is one of Austria's pivotal scientific based faculties of teacher education which fosters a high standard of professionalism. ILS has extensive experience and a long standing reputation in school development, cooperation with regional and international schools and wide-ranging knowledge about empirical methods.

The Teacher Education Research Group (TERG) at the ILS currently focuses on initial teacher education (ITE) and induction into the profession (first years of teaching). A distinctive feature of our approach is that we derive all research on teaching and teacher education from the learning process. The group is comprised of ILS staff, external and associated academics and PhD students. While TERG is engaged in research, teaching and policy in the broader fields of teacher education we are particularly focused on questions of general pedagogical knowledge (GPK) in TE with respect to the challenges of diversity and on structural questions of teaching and teacher education.

Central research questions we explore:

- What is general pedagogical knowledge in teacher education from different points of view (praxis, theory research findings, institutions, policy)

- What kind of general pedagogical knowledge do we need in formal education which allows us to face todays and future challenges?

The research group brings together a wealth of expertise from a broad range of areas including teacher preparation, teacher education curriculum and pedagogy, practice and subject specific knowledge (psychology, languages, education, mathematics and statistics, computer science, philosophy).