Research Center “Education – Generation – Life Course”

The research and teaching unit on “Intergenerational Research, Educational Research and Youth Studies” is a founding member of the research center “Education - Generation – Life Course” (Forschungszentrums „Bildung – Generation – Lebenslauf“), which was established in 2005. The research center deals with the changes in education, learning and intergenerational relations in our modern societies and investigates human development and opportunities for social participation in various contexts in the light of the rapid social transformation and from a life course perspective. Through innovative theoretical and empirical research, the research center wishes to contribute new academic findings and provide assistance to education policy and practice.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Some thirty researchers from various institutes of the University of Innsbruck and several extra-university institutions work together in an interdisciplinary manner at the research center.
The research center is a member of the interdisciplinary research area “Economy, Politics & Society” EPoS.

Speaker of the research center: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alfred Berger

Steering group: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Smidt, Mag. Dr. Reingard Spannring, Guido Thaler, BA., MA.




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