Loukas Balafoutas

Science is....What brought us so far.
Loukas Balafoutas

Department of Public Finance


Major Areas of Research
Moral and immoral behavior; credence goods; social norms and cooperation; tournaments; gender

Which Research Methods do you apply... 
Laboratory and field experiments

Who are the other Members of your Team in Innsbruck?
Daniela Glätzle-Rützler; Sarah Rezaei Khavas; Alexandra Baier (list does not include colleagues who are scheduled to start in June or July)

Which of your Papers should the others know?

What do you expect from IDS?
Visibility; Research support; Links across organizational units

Science is....?
What brought us so far.

Being a Researcher and Teacher is?
An identity.

I like...
The sea.

I don´t like...

The major Societal Challenge is.....
Getting the right facts and getting people to believe in them.

My preferred Holiday Destination is...
Somewhere far.


Stand: April 2021

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