Michael Brunner

“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.” ― Arthur C. Clarke
Michael Brunner
(Credit: Michael Brunner)

Department of Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management


Main Responsible for

  • Administration, Konfiguration und Überwachung der IT-Infrastruktur und Systeme des Instituts für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Produktionswirtschaft und Logistik.
  • Server Administration des Hyper-V Failovercluster
  • Systemadministration & Administration der Windows Server Systeme
  • Wartung des Office365 Exchange/Mailservers Weiterentwicklung der Infrastruktur VEEAM Backup Administration
  • Budgetierung, Beschaffung & Wartung der eigenverantwortlichen Client Geräte
  • Wartung und Installation der Storageumgebung (Dell Powervault; QNAP)
  • Usermanagement
  • Administration der Netzwerkomponenten soweit am Institut möglich 

My Main Experiences are 
Administration (Microsoft), Maintenance, Hardware, Support (L1,L2, L3), Security (GDPR), Storages small and big, Clouds, and much more.

Who are the other Members of your Team in Innsbruck?
Marco Plattner (Main IT Responsible of the Institution)

Which of your paper schould the other know?

What do you expect from IDS?

Magic is....?

just Science that we don´t understand yet.

Arthur C. Clarke

I like...
new gadgets and other Technical Stuff

i don´t like...
incompetence, inability, unpunctual 

The major Societal Challenge is.....
to understand not everbody is the same person.

My preferd Holiday Destination is...
Spain or Italy.


Stand: April 2021

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