Mag. Dr. Daniel Kleinlercher


Assistant Professor (non-tenure)

  +43 (0) 512 507 73011

    SOWI w.4.14

 Upon request


  Research Interests

Behavioral Economics and Finance, Information Economics, Market Efficiency, Experimental Finance/Economics


Working Paper

Kleinlercher, D., Stöckl, T., Thou shalt not trade -- A study on the emergence of no-trade situations in experimental asset markets. Working paper.

Kleinlercher, D., Incentives and detection risk: Observing individual lying behavior in the lab. Working paper.

Kleinlercher, D., Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Do companies benefit from corporate campaign contributions? Evidence from Bush and Obama. Working paper.

Publications in Refereed Journals

[8] Huber, C., Bindra, P.C., Kleinlercher, D., (2019), Design-features of bubble-prone experimental asset markets with a constant FV. Journal of the Economic Science Association, forthcoming. >>Article

[7] Kleinlercher, D., Stöckl, T., (2018), On the provision of incentives in finance experiments. Experimental Economics 21: 154-179. >>Article

[6] Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Kleinlercher, D., Sutter, M. (2017), Market vs. residence principle: Experimental evidence on the effects of a financial transaction tax. Economic Journal 127: 610-631. >>Article

[5] Fang, D., Holmen, M., Kleinlercher, D., Kirchler, M., (2016), How tournament incentives affect asset markets: A comparison between winner-takes-all tournaments and elimination contests. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 75: 1-27. >>Article

[4] Kleinlercher, D., Huber, J., Kirchler, M. (2014), The impact of different incentive schemes on asset prices. European Economic Review 68: 137-150. >>Article

[3] Holmen, M., Kirchler, M., Kleinlercher, D. (2014), Do Option-like incentives induce overvaluation? Evidence from experimental asset markets. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 40: 179-194. >>Article

[2] Huber, J., Kleinlercher, D., Kirchler, M. (2012), The impact of a financial transaction tax on Stylized Facts of price returns - Evidence from the lab. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 36: 1248-1266. >>Article

[1] Kirchler, M., Huber, J., Kleinlercher, D. (2011), Market microstructure matters when imposing a Tobin Tax – Evidence from laboratory experiments. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 80(3): 586-602. >>Article


Experimental Finance 2017, Nice; Experimental Finance 2015, Nijmegen; Experimental Finance 2014, Zurich; Experimental Finance 2013, Tilburg; 7th Nordic Conference on Behavioral and Experimental Economics 2012, Bergen; Experimental Finance 2012, Luxembourg; ESA 2012 World Meeting (Economic Science Association), New York; Workshop on Behavioral and Experimental Economics 2011, Florence; Experimental Finance 2010, Gothenburg; 5th Nordic Conference on Behavioral and Experimental Economics 2010, Helsinki; ESA 2010 World Meeting (Economic Science Association), Copenhagen; MAFIN (Managing Financial (In)stability in Capitalistic Economies) 2010, Reykjavik;

  Media Coverage

"Finanztransaktionssteuer ja oder nein?", Dissertation der Woche, Presse am Sonntag, 25.01,2014: Link

"Finanztransaktionssteuer: Schwer zu realisieren", ORF Science, 22.10.2012: Link

"Tobin Tax auf Tauglichkeit geprüft", iPoint, University of Innsbruck, 08.04.2011: Link


  Grants, Prices, and Awards

Young Scientist Grant, University of Innsbruck, 2015

DOC/DOC-fFORTE-fellowship, Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW), 2011-2014

Research Grant, D. Swarovski, 2012

Research Grant, Hypo Tirol Bank, 2011

Support Grant (Förderstipendium), University of Innsbruck, 2011

PhD Grant (Doktorantenstipendium), University of Innsbruck, 2010/11

Support Grant (Förderstipendium), University of Innsbruck, 2010

Grant of achievement (Leistungsstipendium), University of Innsbruck, 2009


  Appointments and Education


Vistiting Researcher, Centre for Finance, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg


Ph.D. (Doctoral Study) in Finance, University of Innsbruck


Master (Diplomstudium) of Political Science, University of Innsbruck


Master (Diplomstudium) of Business Administration, University of Innsbruck



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