Markus Mandl


1983 Born in Bruck an der Mur, Styria, Austria
Secondary College for Chemical Technology, (HBLVA f. chem. Industrie, Rosensteingasse), Specialisation: Biochemistry, Bio- and Gene-technology, Vienna, Austria
2002- 2007
Diploma studies in Molecular Biology, Specialisation: Cell biology, Immunology and Molecular Medicine University of Vienna, Austria
2008- 2014
Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Science, Specialisation: Experimental and Clinical Oncology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
2014-2017 PostDoc scientist, Center for Structural- and Cell Biology in Medicine, Institute of Physiology, University of Luebeck, Germany
PostDoc scientist, Institute for Integrative and Experimental Genomics, University of Luebeck, Germany
Since 2017 University Assistant/PostDoc at "Cell metabolism and differentiation research" group of Prof. Dr. Werner Zwerschke, Institute for Biomedical Aging Research, LFU-Innsbruck


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