Juan Alberto Perez Valencia

Juan Perez

Juan Pérez-Valencia did his bachelor in Biology at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia, interested in understanding cancer origins. Then, motivated by his former advisor, Margarita Zuleta, who always said “whoever understands cancer metabolism will have the key for its treatment”, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to do his Master in cancer metabolism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. After that, he did his PhD in the same lab trying to understand the molecular mechanisms of metastasis, using large-scale data. This work has been awarded by the Brazilian Society of Genetics in 2014 as the best work in bioinformatics. After his studies, he went to the National Institute of Cancer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he became interested in identifying biomarkers for each stage of esophageal cancer. Due to his experience in wet lab and large-scale data analysis, he moved to Innsbruck, Austria, to work at the Medical University of Innsbruck to determine the prevalence of CMMRD in NF1/SPRED1mutation negatives. All this path gave him expertise in cancer biology, genetics and metabolism, and he is eager to bring all this knowledge to the Weiss’ lab.

E-Mail: Juan.Perez-Valencia@uibk.ac.at

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