Magdalena Hagen

Hagen Magdalena

Magdalena obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2015 and her master’s degree in Molecular Cell- and Developmental Biology in 2017 at the University of Innsbruck. She conducted her master's thesis entitled "Influence of Fcµ-receptor on the function of human T-cells" in the immunology research group of Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein. 2021 she obtained her doctoral degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Innsbruck. Her PhD thesis conducted in the humoral immunity research group of Emmanuel Derudder was entitled "The Roles of miR-142s in B cell Development and Migration in Young and Old“. In 2021 she joined the research group of Birgit Weinberger as a postdoctoral fellow where she is investigating the immune response to vaccination in the ageing population.



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