The H2020 Research and Innovation Programme project entitled “An integrated approach to dissect determinants, risk factors and pathways of ageing of the immune system” (Acronym: ImmunoAgeing) was positively evaluated by the European Commission in the course of the PHC-2014-Stage 2 call. The project has started on May 1, 2015 with a duration of 4 years. The Grubeck-Loebenstein group of the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research of the University of Innsbruck is part of the consortium which consists of four partners from three countries (UK, Austria and Italy) with a proven expertise in immunology, clinical medicine, bioinformatics and statistics. The objective of the project is to define the extent to which immunosenescence comprises changes in levels of specific immune cell types and to detect genetic and non-genetic factors that drive these changes. Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein is work package leader of WP3 “Systematic analysis of cell-specific transcriptional and functional properties and their clinical impact”. The main tasks of this WP is to elucidate the functional and transcriptional properties of cell types showing strong age-related changes, and whose circulating levels are affected by known genetic variants, and to combine all available data to reveal pathways, biomarkers for early diagnosis and therapeutic targets to prevent or minimize the negative features of immunosenescence.