Collaborative EU-project FRAILOMIC

The collaborative project “Utility of omic-based biomarkers in characterizing older individuals at risk for frailty, its progression to disability and general consequences to health and well-being - The FRAILOMIC Initiative” (Acronym FRAILOMIC) addresses a topic of high importance in the field of ageing research and started on January 1st, 2013. The IBA participates in this international research consortium with 20 research groups from highly qualified research institutes, SMEs and industry partners from 8 European countries and the USA. The forecasted increase in the number of older people for this century will be accompanied by an increase of those with disabilities. Disability is usually preceded by a timely and highly topical condition named frailty, a disorder that encompasses changes associated with ageing, life styles and chronic diseases. Detect frailty and intervene on it is of outstanding importance to prevent disability, as recovery from disability is unlikely. Recent documents from experts stress the necessity of testing the clinical utility (in terms of risk prediction, diagnosis validity and prognostic significance) of the existing definition of frailty by using combinations of clinical (the criteria of the current definition) and laboratory Biomarkers (BMs). To reach these objectives the FRAILOMIC consortium will measure the levels of blood and urine omic-based BMs in old people selected from eight cohorts which include up to 75,000 participants, using standardized and innovative technology. Combining these laboratory BMs with clinical BMs obtained from these same cohorts, we will develop predictive, diagnostic and prognostic models. A selected set of BMs will be validated prospectively and assessed to find the best-fitted models, which will guide the development of ready-to-use diagnostic kits to be implemented in the clinical settings. Pidder Jansen-Duerr will act as leader of Work package 1 and coordinate the analytical laboratories contributing laboratory biomarkers to the project.