Collaborative EU-project ADITEC

The collaborative project „Advanced Immunization Technologies“ (Acronym: ADITEC) is a high impact initiative (HIP) for better immunization, which started in October 2011. The IBA participates in this international research consortium with 42 research groups from highly qualified research institutes, SMEs and industry partners from 12 European countries and the USA. The ADITEC project fully responds to the urgent need to develop advanced immunization technologies for better and safer vaccines. To reach this aim the project will be structured around two major components i) human immune response to vaccination studied through latest generation methodologies and ii) development of advanced immunization technologies. Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein will be work package leader of WP7 “aging and early life” the main tasks of which will be to address how age-related changes of immunity can be better understood in order to improve the efficacy of vaccination in the elderly.