MOPACT (MOPACT; funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7-SSH.2012-1 /No 320333) started with its kick-off meeting  taken place in London, April 24.

MOPACT intends to set new standards by based on the a new vision of ageing being required. Presently and previously retirement took place for a majority at state pension ages and post-retirement years were relatively short. Changes in the labour market and social behaviour coupled with a remarkable extension in longevity, associated in some countries with a pushing further up the age range (or ‘compression’) of morbidity, have transformed the experience of later life. The boundaries of frailty are being pushed back and, for a growing number of older Europeans, 70 is the new 50. Provided that, a comprehensive strategy to maximise participation and well-being as people age is needed. It should operate simultaneously at the individual (lifestyle), organisational (management) and societal (policy) levels and at all stages of the life course. 

 The IBAs contribution is to lead a specific workpackage on emphasizing and bringin forward the potential of biogerontological breakthroughs to support active ageing and the economic potential of procedures and intervention designed to offset the ageing process.


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