IBA researchers organized the Zing Conference on Mitochondria, metabolic regulation and the Biology of Aging in Lanzarote in February 2013

On Feb. 13 - Feb. 16, 2013, an international symposium on Mitochondria, metabolic regulation and the Biology of Aging was held at the island of Lanzarote/Spain, co-chaired by IBA scientist Pidder Jansen-Duerr and by Thomas Langer, University of Cologne (Germany). The meeting, organized as a Zing conference, was dedicated to enforce existing and foster new collaborative interactions between research groups working on mitochondrial function and those working on the biology of aging. 60 high-caliber delegates, including some of the most reputed scientists in the fields of aging research and mitochondrial biology, spent four days of intensive interactions and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. The focus of the symposium was on a better understanding of biological aging processes in a variety of species, with special emphasis on contributions by metabolic regulation and the mitochondria. It was a very successful and pleasant meeting that produced many new ideas and projects for interdisciplinary collaboration at the interface between mitochondrial function and the biology of aging, considered as two hot topics in current biomedical research.

For further information, please go to: http://www.zingconferences.com/index.cfm?page=conference&intConferenceID=103

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