Snezana de Sneeuw

deSneeuwHello, I am Snezana de Sneeuw. I've obtained my MSc degree in Developmental Biology & Biomedical Genetics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The vast potential of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) application had piqued my interest in aging research at IBA. Moreover the  department of Extracellular Matrix Research led by dr. Lepperdinger focusses on the MSC niche using mainly bone marrow stem cells. It is important to unveil which factors / molecules in the close surrounding of MSC preserve their optimal functioning throughout life and how this knowledge can be used to alleviate / delay processes and diseases associated with advancing age e.g. osteoporosis. As a PhD student at the ECMR department at the moment I am investigating the possibility of bone marrow MSC exhibiting differential transcription versus translation of single genes/ proteins of interest and whether these values change with age.
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