Maria Amália Cavinato Nascimento

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, graduated in Biological Sciences at the State University of Londrina, Brazil (2006), where she worked at the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Electron Microscopy (LMEM) and investigated the histological and ultrastructural influence of agrochemicals in mouse uterus. She obtained her master degree in Cellular and Structural Biology obtained at the State University of Campinas, Brazil (2009). During this period she was focused in the ultrastructure and remodeling aspects of connective tissues in mouse pubic symphysis during pregnancy and post-partum, especially concerning the involvement o Galectin-3 and -smooth muscle actin in this process.
She finished her PhD in July 2016, where she has researched the molecular aspects of UVB induced senescence and possible targets for intervention in extrinsic skin aging.


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