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International Network on Timber
Engineering Research

The International Network on Timber Engineering Research (INTER) was founded in 2014.

Between 1973 and 2013, the Network acted under the name CIB-W 18.

INTER is currently chaired by Philipp Dietsch, the Secretariat is held by Rainer Görlacher (KIT). Further information on past and future meetings and proceedings can be found on the KIT-Website.


  • Presentation, discussion and documentation of research results in timber engineering and development of application rules for timber design codes or standards related to timber engineering.


  • Annual meetings in different countries/places hosted by meeting participants
  • Presentation and discussion of papers
  • Peer review of the abstracts before the meeting and of the papers during the meeting
  • Precision of the acceptance of the abstracts before the meeting by a well-defined review process
  • Decision of the acceptance of the papers for the proceedings during the meeting
  • Publication of the papers and the discussion in proceedings


  • All decisions including the appointment of the chairperson or the location of annual meetings are made by the participants attending a meeting.


  • Persons contributing to or being interested in research related to timber engineering. There is no general membership fee but a registration fee for each meeting. The amount of the registration fee is decided by the meeting host in consultation with the chairperson.
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