Report: Sampling at the excavation Mauk A (Radfeld , Austria)


In July 2008, PP12 conducted a one week sampling campaign at the excataion of a smelting site (leaded by Gert Goldenberg, PP 06) in Radfeld-Mauken. Aim of the sampling was the recovery of small-sized (<5-10mm) bone fragments. Soil samples from the excavation site were elutriated to detect the small bone fragments that cannot be detected with naked eye. One of the main questions is whether fish or small birds contributed to the nutrition of bronze age miners. The samles are under investigation currently. Apart from bone fragments organic matter with a large proportion of wood particles was yielded and forwarded to PP 11 for further analysis.


Mauk2008P1  Figure 1: Delivery of equipment (generators, pumps, elutriation towers, sieves).
Mauk2008P2  Figure 2: Installation of equipment and placing of siphon pipes for water supply.
Mauk2008P3  Figure 3: Section (granulated blast furnance slag) where the samples were taken.

Figure 4: Elutriation under way.

Mauk2008P5  Figure 5: >4mm-Fraction with bone- and woodfragments.
Mauk2008P6  Figure 6: The unburned animal bones feature a greenish patina due to the copper contained in the granulated blast furnance slag.
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