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The special research project (SFB) HiMAT consists of 14 project parts (PPs). These are five archaeological groups, five natural scientific groups, three groups from the field of historical and German language sciences and one coordination project part.
While all the PPs are working within their specific field, interdisciplinary questions of the SFB HiMAT are adressed at level of the analoga (or Key Actions). The analoga have access to all data, archaeological finds, literature, samples, personal knowledge and all other ressources of the various PPs.
1.) Palaeoecological Analogon
This analogon primarily adresses questions regarding the impact of mining activities on nature and environment during the different phases of mining. The investigations are based on botanical and zoological samples that were either gained during the archaeological excavations or that were purposely sampled. Furthermore, historical documents supplied by the historical and language-science PPs are also taken into account.  
2.) Socioeconomic and cultural Analogon
The aim of this analogon is to find out how mining affected economy and culture in Tyrol and adjacent areas from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. For example, some questions are, how modern names and traditions are related to mining, or what ressources were available to the miners. To answer these questions, historical documents, achaeological finds and botanical and zoological samples are evaluated. Furthermore, oral tradition play an important role.
3.) Prehistoric socioeconomic Analogon
The questions dealt with in this analogon are quite similar to those of the 2nd analogon, but in contrast the focus lies on prehistoric mining, beginning in the Middle Stone Age. Even this early mining was of regional importance. The aim of the studies is to find out, which techniques and methodes were used by the early miners, which ressources were available for their nutrition, which pathways were used for the trade of ores and products, etc. Similar to the 2nd analogon, historical documents, achaeological finds and botanical and zoological samples are investigated. 
4.) Data Pool and Geoinformation
This analogon does not have an own question, but it fulfills a very importand service for all other analogons and PPs. Data from all PPs including archaeological finds, botanical and zoological samples, historical documents and interviews are collected in a data base. Important parameters such as location, age determination etc. are also included in this data base, which therefore provides a valuable ressource for all analoga and PPs.  
Furthermore, alle data points are located within a geographical information system (GIS), allowing the creation of maps showing the exact location of finds within an excavation site or the regional pathways of ore trade, for example.
The figure "Structure of the SFB HiMAT" shows how the analoga resort to the PPs and how interdisciplinary interaction within the SFB HiMAT is working. The information from the PPs ist put together and sytheses are formed on the level of the analoga. Superior sytheses are created by the leades of the analoga together with the leaders of the PPs. This is the way how the cooperation of scientists from various fields creates ansers that are more than the sum of ansers from the individual discilpines.
Aside from the structure of the analoga stands the coordination project (PP01). This PP is responsible for all administrative and logistic tasks, such as organisation of meetings, Homepage, Public Relations, etc. All PPs are described in detail on their own page, pleas follow the liks below.

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Mining and Settlement in Schwaz - The development of a special environment in the 15th and 16th centuries


Onomastics in the Sphere of Tyrolean Mining


Cultural Tendencies and Dominants in Modern Mining


Silex and Rock-Crystal Mining in Alpine Prehistory


Metal Mining & Trade


The Mitterberg – Eastern Alpine Large Scale Ore Production in the Bronze Age


Settlement Archaeology and Prehistoric Mining in the Montafon, Vorarlberg


Archaeometallurgical and Geochemical Survey of Historic Mining


Mineralogical-Geochemical Survey of Historic Mining Sites


Palaeo-Ecology and Subsistence Stategies in Mining Areas


Palaeoeconomy, Subsistence and Palaeoecology in Mining Areas: The Archaeozoological Evidence




Surveying and Geoinformation



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