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01_Montanarchäologie PP06  Montan achaeologists from PP06 are looking for traces of ancient miners in a historical mine near Brixlegg.
02_Ausgrabung PP08  Archaeologists leaded by Prof. Rüdiger Krause (PP08) are excavating a Bronze Age settlement near Bartholomäberg. Probably people have settled down there do facilitate mining of copper- and iron-ores.
03_Probennahme PP11  Prof. Stöllner (PP07) and Prof. Oeggl (PP11) are taking a sample from a bog (near Mitterberg). The pollen profile within the bog  shows them how human activities such as settlement and mining affected the composition of plants in past times.
04_Archäozoologie PP12  All artefacts that came up in the excavations and samplings are meticoulusly analysed, just like the animal bones here in the laboratory of PP12.
05_Milestone-Meeting  Once a year all the scientists from the SFB HiMAT meet at the Milestone-Meeting to discuss their results among each other and with external experts.



small miner Schwazer Bergbuch 

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