Researchers Night 2008


LNDF-IMG-01  The contribution of the SFB HiMAT to the Researchers Night consisted of the 10 Innsbruck-based project parts. The visitors - esp. children - could search a histiric mine for traces of ancient miners and investigate their findings together with the experts of the SFB HiMAT.
LNDF-IMG-02  Many artefacts were shown and explained.
LNDF-IMG-03  About 6.000 people visited the Researchers Night in Innsbruck, mostly families.
LNDF-IMG-04  Many visitors at the presentations of  PP11 and PP03.
LNDF-IMG-05 Presentations included many interactive items such as the treasure chests of PP02.
Pictures: Elisabeth Breitenlechner & Gert Goldenberg