The University of Innsbruck’s Area of History, Social Studies and Civic Education is dedicated to substantiated subject didactic training as one of the pillars of the Teacher Training Programme.

This provides students with a set of skills that allows them to take on their new role as multipliers of historical knowledge and promote historically substantiated abilities as teachers in schools or in external educational institutions.

The team aims to adequately prepare students for their professional educational work based on presenting historical facts and contexts vividly in order to encourage historical thinking and a general understanding of the practical focus of historical learning.

The educational training aims to convey the basic principles of didactics and methodology regarding history and social studies as well as civic education. Practical and contextual knowledge are essential for this task, and are therefore considered basic historical and political competences as they are the key prerequisite for a reflected and self-reflective historical consciousness in a pluralistic society.

Based on these fundamental skills, students focus on specific topics defined by the cooperation between the Department of subject-specific Education and the three history departments, each department’s fields of research and the specialisations of each lecturer.

The Department of subject-specific Education represents the link between the university, schools, and other educational institutions; a link that is necessary in order to meet the socio-political challenges of our times.

All discussions are based on the latest research in the field of history education regarding the current study programmes for the secondary stage.

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