Research Platform
Center Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Innsbruck (CGI)

The Center Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Innsbruck (CGI) is an inter- and transdisciplinary research association at the University of Innsbruck. It aims to strengthen the cooperation of researchers and lecturers in the field of women's and gender studies, and feminist research regionally, nationally and transnationally. Additionally it seeks to intensify international research contacts and cooperation and to provide public discussions of scientific research results.

Organisational structure


Teaching and research in the fields of critical women's and gender studies and feminist research has been conducted at the University of Innsbruck for over twenty years. The restructuring of the University of Innsbruck has allowed greater collaboration opportunities in this area. In the summer of 2005, the inter-faculty research focus was launched, which was upgraded on 1 January 2008 to the research platform Gender Studies: Identities - Discourses - Transformations. In 2019, the network expanded, leading to the research platform Center Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Innsbruck (CGI).

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