Research Objectives

Gender studies address the social and cultural construction of “gender”, while outlining the hierarchical relations of power. Gender is understood as a central structural category of our social reality. The Research Platform is committed to a plurality and diversity of methods and theories.

The aim of the Research Platform is:

  • to consolidate Gender Studies at the University of Innsbruck by intensifying networks as well as through a more intensive and extensive exchange of information
  • to enhance the links to international research
  • and to disseminate research findings in order to contribute towards gender democracy by linking academic scholarship with social transformation


The Research Platform Center Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Innsbruck (CGI) comprises RESEARCH AREAS and RESEARCH NETWORKS AND GROUPS.

Research Areas

  • Body – Health – Normativity
  • Subjectivity – Power – Narration
  • Socio-economic and Political Transformation

Research Networks and Groups

The research groups function as internal discussion groups as well as platforms for exchange of academic scholarship with scientists in other Austrian as well as international research contexts. The Research Platform encompasses the following seven research groups or research networks:

In addition to the research areas and research groups, there are numerous research projects linked to the Research Platform.

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