Forschungsnetzwerk Gender, Care and Justice


The work of the interdisciplinary Research Network Gender, Care und Justice is founded on a broad understanding of care, caring relationships and care work. Investigating what constitutes a caring relationship or how care work is designed and financed the various involved disciplinary perspectives associate on the question of how specific care regimes produce and legitimise different relations of power and inequality.

A critical gender perspective builds the core of this approach. To what extent do gender relations shape the imaginations and practices of care work? How does our understanding of care change over history? Which subject positions are produced by the various societal care relationships? And to what extent are private and/or public care arrangements considered appropriate, comprehensive or just?

The researchers involved in this interdisciplinary gender-critical care research are based in business studies and economics, education, history, sociology, political sciences, law, theology, ethics and social work. Theorising and empirical research focuses furthermore on gender relations in combination with other social structures, such as age, class, disability or race.

For doctoral students of various academic disciplines the interdisciplinary research network offers the opportunity to examine their research questions within a gender perspective, supervised by an international team.

Some overview on the various activities can be gained by the interdisciplinary research conferences organised by the research Network:

„Ambivalenzen der Selbstsorge. Feministische Perspektiven“ [2016], „Pflege, Betreuung und Begleitung alter Menschen in der informellen Pflege in Österreich. Intersektionelle Perspektiven“ [2013], „Cultures of Care: Fremdbetreuung von Kindern. Geschlechterkritische Beiträge“ [2010], „Who Cares? Betreuung und Pflege in Österreich. Eine geschlechterkritische Perspektive“ [2009]

Examples of some empirical research projects are:

„Historische Regime der Fürsorge“, „Psychiatrisierte Kindheiten“ and „Psychiatrische Landschaften. Die Psychiatrie und ihre Patientinnen und Patienten im historischen Raum Tirol-Südtirol von 1830 bis zur Gegenwart“ or „Älter werden in Mieming. Partizipative Sozialplanung“ [Ageing in Mieming. Participative social planning] (Project descripition will follow) 

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