Gender studies address the social and cultural construction of “gender”, while outlining the hierarchical relations of power. Gender is understood as a central structural category of our social reality. The Research Platform is committed to a plurality and diversity of methods and theories.

Research groups and Research center


Forschungsgruppe Auto_Biographie – De_RekonstruktionenResearch group Auto/Biography – De/Reconstruction



fg theorizing the bodyResearch group Theorizing the body


AG Care: Relations, Rights & Policies Workgroup Care: Relations, Rights & Policies
Forschungsgruppe Language and GenderResearch group Language and Gender
FG Interpersonelle Gewalt und GeschlechtResearch group Interpersonelle Gewalt und Geschlecht
Forschungszentrum Medical HumanitiesResearch center Medical Humanities
doc-netzwerkDoctoral students* network


Projects and Publications









Research Areas

  • Body – Health – Normativity
  • Subjectivity – Power – Narration
  • Socio-economic and Political Transformation


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