alo4 is a Digital Object Management System (DOMS), which is the basis for a comprehensive digital repository at the University Innsbruck. alo4 has been developed by Albert Greinöcker und Raphael Unterweger from the Department for Digitisation and Digital Preservation of the University Library Innsbruck. This site is the "sandbox" for alo4 - a testing site and playground.

alo4 is capable of managing several digital collections and skins with different thematic content as well as with different target groups and different layout. Following collectins and skins are planned:

Institutional Repository of the University Innsbruck

  • Digitised books and journals from the collection of the University Library
  • Electronic thesis and disserations from the University of Innsbruck
  • Scientific publications from university staff

Austrian Literature Online (

  • Public domain books and journals with a relation to Austria "Austriaca"

German Thesis

  • A digitised collection of German dissertations from 1925 to 1988

All digital objects will be available according to copyright restrictions to faculty staff and students of the University Innsbruck.

For more information contact: Günter Mühlberger (Dept. for Digitisation and Digital Preservation)

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