alo4 (Digital Object Management System)

Since 1998 the university libraries from Graz and Innsbruck, as well as the Institut "Integrated studies" of the University Linz are cooperating in order to realize the idea of an open, virtual library of public domain documents from Austria. After a very first prototype (1999) the "Austrian Literature Online" website opened on March 11th 2001. Since then some thousands of digitised books and electronic documents have been published at:  The software system for this digital library has been developed by Alexander Egger, Marco Koettstorfer und some others.

Due to the restrictions of the system (missing rights and user management, missing structural data, etc.) we decided to set up a new system. Since 2005/2008 Albert Greinöcker and Raphael Unterweger have developed a comprehensive Digital Object Management System. Thanks to a project grant from the Austrian Ministry for Education and Culture a first prototype of the new website was released in spring 2007.

The complete system is now available as a first betaversion since August, 1st 2008. It is planned that the system will go productive in 2009.




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