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Copyright and Access

alo sympathises with the Open Access movement. To our opinion scanning and digitising of public domain documents does not generate any new copyright since it is not an intellectual work in the sense of the WIPO contract. All documents in alo are therefore in principle freely available. This is especially true for documents where the author died more than 70 years ago.

For documents, where we got the agreement from the copyright holder, it has to be taken into account, that not all access rights which exceed the making available of documents on our website, can be guaranteed. In these cases please get into contact with us.

If you want to use the documents from alo than please be aware that in any case you have to mention the author and the title of the work. Moreover we are thankful if you place a note that you found the document at www.literature.at. Apart from this you can use the documents in any way you like.

austrian literature online :: working group

Since 1998 the University- and State Library Tyrol, the University Library Graz and the University Linz, Department for "Integrated studies" are cooperating in building up and mainting this website. After a very first prototyp from 1999 the first version was published in March, 11 2002. Also other organisations, such as the Austrian National Library, Department "Ariadne" have contributed to build up this digital collection. 2002 the working group was formally established with a co-operation agreement. Since 2005 the new launch of the website was prepared, now in 2009 the final release takes place.

The stage is yours...

Since 1998 a large group of friends has contributed that alo is growing and growing and growing... In alphabetical order and without claiming to be complete:

Christoph und Matthias Ampferer, Heinz Bielowski, Elisabeth Brandstötter, Günter Dinhobel, Alexander Egger, Klaus Graf, Albert Greinöcker, Kurt Habitzel, Karin Haller, Gernot Hausar, Nikolaus Hofinger, Helga Hofmann-Weinberger, Eva Komarek, Marco Köttstorfer, Klaus Miesenberger, Wolfgang Morscher, Daniela Ortner, Liz Page, Helmut Pedit, Eva Ramminger, Claudia Ruppitsch, Peter Schneck, Bruno Sperl, Helmuth Schönauer, Gunter Schütte, Georg Stern-Erlebach, Jupp Stöpetie, Bernhard Stöger, Raphael Unterweger, Katharina Weinberger, Katja Wilhelm, Martin Wieser, and many more

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