Symposium on Atomic, Cluster and Surface Physics (SASP) Contributions

The Symposium on Atomic, Cluster and Surface Physics (SASP) is a series of biennial international conferences, which seeks to promote the growth of scientific knowledge and effective exchange of information among scientists in the field of atomic, molecular, and surface physics and with a major focus on nano particles and biomolecules. The symposium deals in particular with collisional interactions involving different
types of collision partners, i.e. electrons, photons, molecules, clusters/nano particles, and surfaces.

So far SASP conferences took place:
1978: Zirog, Italy
1980: Maria Alm, Austria
1982: Maria Alm, Austria
1984: Maria Alm, Austria
1986: Obertraun, Austria
1988: La Plagne, France
1990: Obertraun, Austria
1992: Pampeago, Italy
1994: Maria Alm, Austria
1996: Engelberg, Switzerland
1998: Going, Austria
2000: Folgaria, Italy
2002: Going, Austria
2004: La Thuile, Aosta, Italy
2006: Obergurgl, Austria
2008: Les Diablerets, Switzerland
2010: Obergurgl, Austria

Here we provide the Books of Contributed Papers in digital form for all of these conferences.

Contact person for this collection: Tilmann D. Märk
( and Arntraud Bacher (

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