Clarifying rights

Around 215,000 dissertations dating from the years 1925 to 1988 have been digitised over the last few yeary by the University of Innsbruck. Online access to these dissertations is not possible due to reasons of intellectual property rights. With your help, however, this situation can change.

Are you the author of one of the dissertations that are listed here, or do you possess the rights to one of the dissertations? If so, please take a few minutes and declare if and under what conditions your dissertation is to be made accessible to the public. Further information for authors.

Are you a researcher and require one of the digitised dissertations for your research work or studies? In this case you can be of help to us too: Locate the author and send them the information material prepared by us. The author in turn can can contact us and make their decision. Further information for researchers.

This pilot project ist part of the ARROW+ Poject, which is being conducted within the framework of the ICT-PSP program of the European Union. ARROW+ was initiated to address the issue of "orphan works", i.e. works whose title and author may be known by name but about which there is no precise information regarding the right holder. ARROW is developing a rights information platform whose goal it is to drastically reduce the number of "orphan works", thus clarifying the rights situation. Further information on the ARROW project.

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