For authors

If you are the author of one of the dissertations, first of all you can decide if you want to make your dissertation freely available on the internet, or if you want to reserve this right. In any event it is sensible to submit a declaration.

We can offer you the following options:

1 Make your dissertation freely available on the internet, but protect it with a Creative Commons license.

This procedure helps research and libraries the most and it requires the leas work. Moreover you are in good company – open access is meanwhile thought of as the form of publication of the future by the world's leading scientific organisations, in Germany for instance by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or the Max Planck Society.

The Creative Commons licenses have been developed specially with the requirements of the internet in view and make it possible for your dissertation to be, on the one hand, read, copied and passed on online, but, on the other hand, never without referencing your name and the title of your work. Further usages, e.g. of commercial nature, you can dissallow.

Online access is, from our standpoint, the logical continuation of the existing mandatory publication of dissertations and is therefore expressly recommended by us.

2 Reserve all rights.

Of course you do not have to accept our recommendation, in which case you will not make your dissertation freely available on the internet.  No one has electronic access and you can control respective usages in accordance with statutory provisions. As according to applicable intellectual property law making available online is not allowed (for which reason we only show the titlepage and table of contents of your dissertation on this website), you do not necessarily have to take any further action. However, we recommend to nevertheless submit a declaration, as you can much better safeguard your rights if relevant information on your person is on hand.

This is how...

1 Look up your name or the title of your dissertation on this website (see search field on the home page or to the upper right of this page).

2 If your are able to make a find and discover your dissertation, please click on the search result so that the title page or the metadata of your dissertation are displayed.

3 There, click on "form" and you will receive a form pre-filled with the details of your dissertation.

4 You will first receive a confirmation e-mail with the information you entered.

5 Subsequently you will be contacted by us and receive a digital version of a license agreement. 

6 Please return this license agreement to us duly signed – which means submitting a valid declaration.

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