About the Collection

You can find here a database and a long-term archive for digital literary magazines.

Please feel free to use the full-text search and the extended search function for the metadata in the database.


DILIMAG can only permit access to copies of archived websites, whose right holders gave DILIMAG the permission for providing an unrestricted or restricted access.

If you want to access archived versions with an restricted access, please contact DILIMAG (dilimag@uibk.ac.a) or the Innsbruck Newspaper Archive (renate.giacomuzzi@uib.ac.t)



The database saves the metadata, while the repository saves the object itself. The primary purpose of the database is to record and document the various types of periodicals in the net. The only purpose of the repository is to guarantee a long-term preservation of Internet sources. Users accessing the archived version should be aware that they are accessing a copy and not the original source. For not scientific purposes please access the original URL.

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