environmental geotechnics, Umweltgeotechnik

The Analysis of the Problems of Combined Sealing in the Construction Refuse Disposal Sites with Reference to Soil Mechanics

doctoral thesis
by E. Bader , march 1994


The main requirement for sealing systems of open pit waste disposal sites is to avoid leakage. Based on the mechanical stability and long-term resistance, the emission behaviour of the sealing system will be analyzed.

As today's prevailing technical standard consists in a composite basal lining system made of a geomembrane and a mineral sealing layer, the questions of friction and pollutant retention capacity will be discussed with special respect to this kind of sealing.

The shear resistance of various sealing components as well as possible effects of local defects in the geomembrane will be treated in this paper.

Various construction principles and quality assurance precautions for the composite lining system may be derived from these observations. As a consequence of the herein presented description of the emission behaviour of the composite lining system, an objective standard for the evaluation and comparison of modified sealing variants will be obtained.

Further research

The scientific programme includes several geotechnical issues related with environmental problems with the main interest on the role of geotechnics in the multidisciplinary framework of environmental problems:

covered the following topics:

  • waste disposal, residual pollution, alternative waste disposal systems
  • landfills for solid and liquid wastes
  • remediation of polluted land and abandoned landfills
  • re-use of by-products
  • risk analysis, quality assurance and regulations
  • modelling and measurements (long term monitoring, in situ measurements) of water and soil pollution, soil treatment

but also associated questions as:

  • planning and organisation of waste management, treatment technics (incineration, composting, landfill)
  • treatment of disposal site gases, management and treatment of wastewater
  • recycling: procedures, methods and techniques for recycling

To get new solutions and new apprroaches to the problems of environmental technics it is useful to get cross fertilization between scientists and engineers, that’s why we are always interested in questions or future needs for special research.

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