"Behind the veil
of the phenomena
are stresses and stress redistributions."
(L. Müller - Salzburg)

Overturned fold
(Geological survey of Isr.)

The knowledge of the primary stress state is essential for the numerical simulation of geotechnical problems. As this can hardly be achieved by field measurements, it is the purpose of this projekt to calculate the primary stress state for a set of cases using the finite element method and the hypoplastic law. The following geological processes are discussed
The results of these computations are presented by principal stress plots, stress trajectories, animations as well as deformed meshes. Furthermore there are video-sequencies of model tests and a FORTRAN-program to plot trajectories from ABAQUS computations.
The FORTRAN-program trajek plots trajectories from ABAQUS-FE-computations on squared meshes. You can download the test-release below. You are strongly recommended to read the manual, which is provided as *.pdf file. If you got any questions, problems or suggestions for improvement: mail.
trajekv01.zip program code F77 (5 kB)
trajekv01_man_pdf.zip manual (310 kB)

If you are interested in more detailed information, you can download my diploma thesis as a *.pdf file.

dipl_pdf.zip diploma thesis (10.679 MB)
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