International Knödel Foundation Manifest

The idea

Bring Knödelism to the world: Knödel, a chance for the 3rd world. Educational, scientificial programs in making, eating and thinking about Knödel.

This manifest will be translated in all languages in oral, visual and audiable form by the national divions of IKF. To spread Knödelism to the universe the USA will start a NASA program bringing this manifest to the depth of the space with Knödel shuttles (shaped as Knödel). Young optimistic Knödel freaks accompany this never ending project.

The International Knödel Foundation is directly related to the FAO and the UNICEF.

The point of interest

  • Known Knödel:
    • Semmelknödel
    • Flourknödel
    • Potatoknödel
    • Germknödel
    • Kaasknödel
    • Leberknödel
    • Spinatknödel
    • Marillenknödel
  • Unidentified Knödel
  • 3rd World Knödel
    • Modified Semmelknödel: usage of country typical surrogates like mandioca, rice etc.)
    • Havanna Knödel (Cuba)
    • Kaviar Knödel (Russia)
    • Marshmallow Knödel (US)
    • Chewing-Gum Knödel (US!)
    • Canabis sativa Knödel (Jamaica)
    • Chili Knödel (Mexico)
    • Curry Knödel (India)
    • Hostian Knödel (Katholic world)


Scientific program to investigate and develop Knödelism:

  • physical and chemical features of Knödel
  • biological evolution of a Knödel (Brasilian team: biological interaction between humans and Knödel)
  • social, economical and political aspects on Knödelism
  • moral ethics aspects on Knödelism
  • metaphysics: where are they from, where are they going
  • sportive aspects: more power using Knödelism
  • relativistic Knödel quantum mechanics
  • well known Knödel periods in arts: Knödelic architecture, Knödel in still lives


Aggressive usage of modern multimedia concepts:

  • List of optimistic Knödel headliner's:
    • Knödel make happy (all of us)
    • Knödel are cool (for US)
    • Knödel bring fame (for Russia)
    • Have Knödel today (for the world)
    • Good vibes with Knödel (for Jamaica)
    • Knödel open your mind (for China)
    • Knödel is free (for Cuba)
    • Free Knödel for all (for all revolutionairries)
    • Make Knödel not war (for Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia)
    • Knödel for Knödel, eye for eye (for bible loyal people)
    • Share your Knödel (for the group of 7th)
    • Knödel is magic (for mystics)
    • Knödel are great (for Us again)
    • Enjoy Knödel (for all victims of Coca Cola)
    • Share Knödel and land (for Israel and Palestina)
    • Knödel, you can also have one (sorry, again for US)
    • Knödel now!
    • Knödel is green (for all greens)
    • Knödel make blue (for all pessimists)
    • Are Knödel real (for all doubtful)
  • International TV-campaign showing famous people knödelizing:
    • Arafat sharing a Knödel with Peres
    • Boris Becker beating a long line Knödel
    • Phil Collins singing at a Knödel shaped micro
    • Pope kissing a white Knödel at red floor
    • Queen Elisabeth wearing a red costume with white Knödels on
    • Neil Armstrong at moon: a small Knödel for man, a large step for mankind
    • Kleopatra offering Caesar the first roman Knödel
    • Jeanne d'Arc holding a Knödel in her hand
    • Galileo throwing Knödels in his tower
    • Newton with a Knödel falling on his head
    • Keppler with lots of rotating Knödels around his head
    • Dürer drawing a Knödel realistic
    • Stephen Hawkings demonstrating his big bang theory using Knödels
    • Bridgit Bardot fighting for Knödel
    • Wilhelm Tell shooting a Knödel from his sun's head
    • Adam biting in a Knödel served by Eve
  • World Wide Web Knödel homepages:
  • Knödel in sports:
    • Slow change from traditional shaped footballs into Knödel shaped footballs (warning: too fast changes in South America and Europe could cause political excitements)
  • Actualization of films: remixing of all films of the recent 100 years by changig all food scenes using Knödel. These methods being a litle bit undemocratic will be justified by the future.

Final appointment

The commité worked hard to formulate this manifest under unimaginable circumstances: no alcohol until 3 o'clock in the morning. And only their grimness and concentrated power helped to bear this manifest. The problems are not small. But, we you can believe that they will be solved in the next generations. Join us. The world will become a gigantic Knödel spinning around in the darkness of the universe and finally our childrens will rename good ol' mother earth in mother Knödel.

Knödelism forever and ever!

The commité (brazilian division: José Jorge Nader, Márcia Gregori, german division: Hans Mathäus Hügel, austrian division: Wolfgang Fellin, Theo Wilhelm, Michael Fiedler, Christian Stöffler)

Innsbruck, December 12th, 1995

Anouncement: 2nd International Meeting on Knödelism in Sao Paulo. February or March or April 1998 (who know's). Send manuscripts to the brasilian division of IKF before.

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