Precourse Descriptive Geometry - Details of the examination



  • The examination of the lecture >>Precourse Descriptive Geometry<< is a two hours written examination.
  • The examination consists of two manual drawings and theoretical questions.
  • For one drawing the maximal score is eight points, for all theoretical question 32 points. The maximal score of the examination is 48 points.
  • Grading system:

43 - 48

very good

37 - 42


30 - 36


24 - 29


0 - 23



Examination fee

An attempt costs 50 Euro examination fee.

That fee has to be payed by transfer to the that bank account solely:

Value: 50 Euro

Recipient: Universität Innsbruck, Kostenersätze, Innrain 52, 6020 Innsbruck

IBAN: AT16 5700 0210 1113 0640


The reason of payment must consist of

  • the string>>KE892002<<
  • Name and student number of the student,
  • selected examination date  (day, month, year)



  • The registration* for examination has to be done personally at theoffice of the Unit of Geometry and Surveying.
  • The deadlines of a registration are listed in that website.
  • A correctly completed receipt of payed examination fee is necessary for a registration. A registration for examination is not allowed without receipt or with a not correctly completed receipt.

 (*): Because of Corona the registration must be done by email to the office. The payment document must also be sent by email.


  • A deregistration is possible without giving reasons three days before the examination date at the latest. If the day of examination would be Friday, a deregistration has to be done at the office of the Unit of Geometry and Geoinformation during the business hours until Tuesday before at the latest .
  • After that deadline there is only a justified deregistration allowed. The reason of a not-attempt has to be notified and evidenced in written form to the office within one week. In the case of illness a medical certificate is required.
  • A examination date is default without just cause, the payed examination fee is lapsed.



A resit of the lecture examination >>Precourse Descriptive Geometry<< is unlimited.


The inspection of graded examinations is possible during the opening hours of the office of the Unit of Geometry and Surveying.

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